SparkNotes and No Fear
Branding, book cover system, and point-of-purchase advertising for the Barnes & Noble's literature study guide brand SparkNotes and sub-brand No Fear
Madeline the Librophile
Pesto Pronto
Identity and packaging design for Pesto Pronto, an upstart company selling frozen pestos in single-serving size cubes
Madeline the Foodie
Saturn V Website
A central hub for the history, science, and people that launched the Saturn V Rocket on its path to the moon
by Madeline the Rocket Scientist
Meat Boss
Branding, packaging, and menus for Meat Boss, an Alabama barbecue joint.
by Madeline the Well-Fed
Gold Toe Packaging
Package design and brand extensions for Gold Toe socks.
by Madeline the Toasty-Toed
Dallas Swing Dance Society
Branding and collateral for a non-profit dance group teaching and celebrating Swing Dance in Dallas
by Madeline the Dancer
Packaging and web design for Webs, an online retail yarn store
Madeline the Knitter
Qualtrics Survey Software
Business to business print ad for Qualtrics survey software
by Madeline the Corporate Synergist
The Fall and Rise...
Magazine spreads for the article "The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism", covering a resurgence in the craft and necessity of journalism
by Madeline, Amateur Sleuth
Human Organ Market Zine
The arguments for and against the proposition “We Should Legalize the Human Organ Market”, fought out between practicing doctors, economists, and professors, are chronicled in this zine.
by Madeline the Organ Donor