"The Socks with the Gold Toe"
In 1919, Great American Knitting Mills began reinforcing the toes of its socks with gold thread for durability during the Great Depression. Before long, Americans everywhere were asking for "the sock with the gold toe." From this pursuit of quality and excellence, the Gold Toe brand was established.  Gold Toe needed packaging that showcases the quality and style of their socks.

Reinforced Toe Pattern
The delicate zig-zag pattern used in the packaging mimics the gold stitching that reinforces the toe of each Gold Toe sock.
Quality Seal
Over-the-lid seals add to the sense of quality while providing size information on the top of the lid. Naturally, the curved golden end refers to the reinforced toe of each sock.
Tube Socks
Rolling up Gold Toe socks into round tubes keeps a floppy product neat and poised.
Reserved Elegance
A quiet rules and type, mature colors, and metallic papers reflect the quality products inside — without overpowering them.
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