Our Mission
We tell the story of the Saturn V from three compelling angles: the history of its missions, the science that made it possible, and the people behind it all.

Our Crew:
Madeline O’Mary
Research and Copy Writing
Information Architecture
Icons and Animation
Junior Rocket Scientist
Geo Cuevas
Photo Editing
Color and Layout
Astronaut Fan
Jonathan Pinto
Digital Editor
UI/UX Research
Custom Code
Thinks Space is Rad

We Have a Problem:
1  |  The rocket's history is scattered across the stars.
2  |  Who knew rocket science was really complicated?
3  |  The people behind the machine are often overlooked.

Mission Control:
1  |  We compiled all the facts to craft a complete Saturn V narrative.
2  |  We learned, then distilled the information into simple diagrams.
3  |  We incorporated first-hand accounts from the Air and Space article "We Built the Saturn V."

Crafting a Narrative
Information on the Space Race, NASA, and Apollo missions all contain references to the Saturn V,  but there is no one single source chronicling the story of the rocket. By focusing just on the Saturn V, we are able to tell the full story of the history, people, and technologies that made this marvel of human engineering possible.
"It's only Rocket Science"
Before we could break down information in a meaningful way, we first had to learn our stuff. This required many trips to the library, NASA websites, and talking to real engineers.
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